Soudal Soudatherm Roof 330

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• 1 canister of Soudatherm Roof 330 can bond up to 120 m² of insulation boards (When using the Soudatherm Roof Applicator Gun)
• Extreme time saving: more than 50% faster to apply than traditional liquid PU adhesives
• Gluing and joint filling
• Fast & efficient completion of large scale roofing projects.
• Ideal solution for the renovation of old bituminous rooftops
• Fast curing: fully cured after 1 hour
• Economical consumption: can be dosed and applied exactly as required
• No perforation of surface or vapour barrier
• Avoids the risk of creating cold bridges
• Gap filling capacity (up to 1cm under an insulation panel)
• Excellent thermal insulation: thermal conductivity: 0.036W/m.K
• An enormous reduction in weight and space saving
• Resistant to wind uplift (tested by WTCB, BDA)
• Flexible once cured, not brittle like traditional adhesives
• No solvent content so fully compatible with polystyrene (PS)
• Open time: +/- 8 min. (depends on temperature and relative humidity)
• Curing time: Up to c.1 hour (depends on temperature and relative humidity)
• Surface temperature: above 5°C
• Product temperature (canister): minimum +10°C, ideal above +15°C (for optimal extrudability and yield in m²)
• Shelf life: 18 months


Soudatherm Roof 330 is a polyurethane foam adhesive in a canister.

Moisture curing one-component PU adhesive for the efficient, clean, economical and durable bonding of roof insulation panels

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