Soudal Soudatherm 250 Contractor Pack

£60.00 ex. VAT £72.00 incl. VAT

• Small canister format sprayable roofing insulation adhesive
• Kit format with gun and cleaner
• Fast strength build-up
• High bond strength
• Suitable for most insulation boards and most roofing substrates
• Suitable for uneven surfaces
• Quicker and more efficient than other fixing methods

MULTI-PACK roofing adhesive kit for projects up to 60M²- each pack
contains 5 canisters of Soudatherm Roof 250 roofing adhesive, 1
applicator gun and 1 canister of Soudafoam Gun & Foam cleaner. Used
for the bonding of roofing insulation boards onto most underlying roofing
substrates, including vapour barriers. The characteristics of this adhesive make it also suitable for uneven surfaces. The adhesive is applied using the Soudafoam PU foam applicator gun supplied in the kit. The gun and any uncured overspills can be cleaned using the Soudafoam Gun & Foam cleaner during and after completion of the project.

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