Regardless of the reason you’re needing an outlet for your roof, JJ Roofing will have the perfect product in stock for you. Do you need to allow rainwater into a downpipe? Are you looking for a product to help you direct water through a parapet wall? We have you covered with our range of items from high quality manufacturers of the world’s best roofing products. We also stock a number of items to allow cables or pipes through the roof for solar applications.

If your home is anywhere in Britain, you’ll know that a large amount of rainwater will fall onto the roof deck throughout the year and then be channelled into the drainage outlet. Outlet holes are the most vulnerable parts of the waterproofing system and it’s essential to make sure that the water doesn’t find its way behind or beneath the membrane. That’s where the below products come in.

It’s important to allow the roof’s concrete deck to breathe. Only using a waterproofing membrane to seal it can cause air or vapour to build up which can end up damaging the seal. By installing high quality vents and outlets across the roof, you will enable the air or vapour to escape while preventing water entering the structure itself.

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Items 1-12 of 38

Items 1-12 of 38