Resitrix FG35 Primer 4.5kg

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Product code: 59630
Product weight: 4.50 Kg
Product Information: 
  • For use as underground primer of self-adhesive RESITRIX
  • Quick drying
  • Drying time of just 35 minutes
  • Coverage 1kg = 5m2
  • Processing temperatures: + 5 °C to + 35 °C
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
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Resitrix FG35 Primer 4.5kg

Looking for a great product to fulfil the requirements of your EPDM rubber roofing project? If so, look no further than the outstanding RESITRIX® FG36 Primer, brought to you by JJ Roofing. JJ Roofing are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality roofing products available at highly competitive prices. The RESITRIX® FG35 Primer is no exception, and we think you’ll agree that no other product of its type can hope to compete.

This highly versatile product can be used in conjunction with all three self-adhesive RESITRIX® Waterproofing Membranes currently available on the market. Furthermore, it can be used on a wide range of substrates making it ideal for all manner of roofing projects including EPDM rubber roofing. You won’t have to worry about long drying times when you use the RESITRIX® FG35 Primer.

It is a quick-drying primer consisting of synthetic rubber and resins. The primer is ready-to-use; so there is no need to worry about preparation before you apply the primer. This makes it highly convenient to use as it will save you time and hassle ensuring that your EPDM rubber roofing project goes off without a hitch.

But what is it that sets the RESITRIX® FG35 Primer apart from other similar products available on the market? The answer is better adhesion on bituminous substrates. In fact, internal test runs have shown that the FG35 Primer offers better adhesions compared to other commercially available primers by a factor of 8-10. This also applies to vertical level bonding, for instance, Dome Lights, Chimneys, Attica, etc.

As mentioned above, the RESITRIX® FG35 Primer is also quick drying; but just how quick is “quick”? From the moment of application, the drying time is just 35 minutes! That is unbeaten by any other primer with some taking upwards of five hours to dry, and even then, the surface is not as dry as with the FG35 Primer. This makes this product a clear winner and recommended choice for any EPDM rubber roofing project.

The RESITRIX® FG35 Primer also covers more area than most other primers. Just 1kg of this primer is enough to cover 5m2! Plus, this primer also has a processing temperature of between 5°C and 35 °C. At JJ Roofing, we supply this product in two different package sizes for manual and machine application:

  • 4.5kg
  • 12.5kg

Every set comes with a 14.4kg pressure vessel, connecting hose and stainless steel gun (including extension). We highly recommend the sprayer set as it is extremely productive and cost-effective. Application is quick, easy and uniform. Plus, the substrate is completely wetter, while at the same time, consumption is reduced significantly.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the middle of or planning to begin an EPDM rubber roofing project or another type of project, the RESITRIX® FG35 Primer is precisely what you’ve been looking for. Order today, and you will receive your item(s) in just 3-5 working days.