Reclaim Spanish Slate

Reclaimed Spanish slate

Many of the oldest homes in the United Kingdom have slate roofs because slates are known to be one of the longest lasting materials available on the market. Many of the slates used on roofs are known to be Welsh slate. However, in an everchanging market, it is becoming increasingly common to use reclaimed Spanish slate. Any roof sporting Spanish slate is known to look visually appealing, and is one of its biggest draws. Spanish Slate roof tiles are made of natural stone meaning the tiles have a distinct surface and excellent colour which is commonly, a deep blue-black, that will range over the entire roof.

Typically, Spanish slate originates from the Cabrera Mountains in the North West region, and is trusted by English Heritage and Historic Scotland as an alternative to indigenous materials. This is evident when used on a number of key projects such as The British museum. Furthermore, Spanish slate roof tiles are known for their amazing durability, often outlasting the buildings they have been installed on. It has been known for slates to not only last up to 150 years, but also still maintain their look and design. In addition, high quality Spanish slates like the ones we’re offering here at JJ Roofing will not give off pollution during manufacturing and can easily be recycled after they are used or end up outlasting the building they’ve been installed on. Importantly, Spanish slates are also a fully waterproof natural material that will match almost any aesthetic requirement. Natural reclaimed tiles and slates are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature changes. If you are looking to find some reclaimed slates to match existing tiles, them, give our sales team an email, or visit your local branch for further advice.

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2 Items