Machine Made Clay Plain Tiles

Reclaim Machine Made Plain Tiles

Although some of the oldest homes in the United Kingdom are renown for sporting handmade tiles, machine made tiles are becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. Machine made tiles are known to be one of the longest lasting materials available on the market. The appearance of the machine-made tile is one of its biggest draws. The tiles come in many varieties and have a distinct surface and excellent colour variation that will range over the entire roof. Machine-made tiles are commonly known to be 10.5x 6.5” inches, and have either 2 or 3 nibs to ensure it fits the roof it is fitted onto. At JJ roofing we stock one of the widest ranges of machine-made tiles, and whether it is a red machine made you need, or a dark one, we will have something to match. Another advantage of a machine-made roof tile is their amazing durability, often outlasting the buildings they have been installed on. When a roof has been installed properly using these tiles and is cared for, it’s not unheard of that it will last up to a whole century. If it is a uniformed and professionally looking roof you require, then machine-made tiles would be highly recommended.

Additionally, machine-made roof tiles are virtually fire proof and very much so environmentally friendly which is increasingly important in our modern times. When the tiles are batched, we recycle any tiles that do not fit the high standards we expect all our reclaims to have.  Another advantage of these tiles is the way in which they help with insulating the home below them; which means lower energy costs for the homeowner who chooses these fantastic tiles. Importantly, machine-made tiles are also a water-resistant natural material that will match almost any aesthetic requirements. Our reclaimed tiles are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature changes, particularly as all tiles will have been checked. Machine-made tiles are purchased when customers want to re-tile a whole roof, or to just match existing tiles. If you simply need to replace tiles to prevent your roof from being damaged, then reclaimed tiles are ideal as they act as an ideal match to your current roof tiles. With stock constantly being supplied to customers across the United Kingdom, it is important to note that we buy reclaimed tiles, so if you have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to email our sales team, or visit your local JJ roofing branch.

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