Handmade Clay Plain Tiles

Reclaim Handmade Plain Tiles

Handmade clay reclaimed plain tiles have been used on properties all over the UK and Europe for hundreds of years, meaning their longevity is guaranteed and proven. Additionally, clay reclaimed roof tiles can withstand even the harshest weather conditions thanks to their sturdy waterproof surface. The resilience of these tiles is an important factor to consider when choosing roof tiles. If require a long-lasting tile that you can trust, then it is a handmade plain tile you need. On top of their well-documented resilience, clay tiles will also be an aesthetically pleasing choice thanks to their rustic look that is classically attractive. When handmade tiles are on a roof, they have the ability to set a building back in time, always making it look more traditional which can be crucial depending on the surrounding area. Terracotta coloured plain tiles are particularly popular for their aesthetics, although here at JJ roofing, we stock a wide range of tiles meaning there are many colours to choose from.  

Furthermore, handmade plain tiles are also environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency. Due to handmade clay tiles commonly found in a terracotta colour, they don’t suffer from some of the absorption problems associated with darker colours during the hotter summer months. Clay is a natural material which has been put through a variety of essential processes before being made into their final tile format. The clay reclaimed tiles near me that JJ Roofing offers are fireproof, practically maintenance free, not susceptible to mould, and known to last for up to 100 years. Each tile is individually sorted, and this ensures all tiles meet the high standards that we set ourselves to provide customers. The handmade plain tiles that we stock are mostly continuous nibs, 11x7’s, plain handmade tiles, and traditional Kent peg tiles. If you find a tile you need on our website, and are no local, do not worry as we can provide a delivery service across the whole of the United Kingdom.

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10 Items