Reclaim Clay Interlocking Tile

Reclaimed Clay Interlocking tiles

At JJ roofing's supplies we have one of the most extensive and impressive stock of interlocking clay tile. Tiles such as Bridgewater Somerset 13’s, Sterreberg or Marseilles are becoming increasingly difficult to source. One alternative that roofing companies have adopted is using replica tiles as replacements for anything discontinued. However, at JJ roofing we wanted to ensure the tiles would match the existing tiles on the roof, not only in size and shape, but also in colour and weathering. It is easily noticeable when someone has used a new tile to replace a damaged or broken tile. By stocking weathered reclaimed tiles, it allows the tile to seemingly be replaced on the roof, without knowing there was ever a problem. This just makes the roof look more appealing.

An example of a clay tiles origins can be looked when analysing the Commonly used Pottelberg and Sterreberg Courtrai's. These tiles are a small double interlocking clay tile of French or Belgian origin. They were imported in the 1930’s between the World Wars. Britain’s had to endeavour in trade with foreign relations and boats frequently exchanged goods. The French solution was to weigh the boats down and for efficiency the French used roof tiles due to their large production in Western Europe. These tiles soon became popular in the United Kingdom, and created a shortage. It is one of the many reasons why it is so difficult to source these tiles, and every clay interlocking tile has its own story. Thankfully we always ensure we stock this and have a range of different selections.

In addition, clay interlocking tiles are well known for the durability and long-lasting qualities. It is not uncommon as mention for clay interlocking tiles to last centuries if not a decade. Made from clay, many of the tiles are not susceptible to mould and are very rarely damaged when exposed to frosting. To ensure all tiles are kept to a high quality, we individually assess each tile and ensure that every tile is in perfect condition. With such a wide range of clay interlocking tiles, we advise that you email our sales team for any enquiries that you might have. If, however, you want to visit your local branch and seek expert advice, then please do so.

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10 Items