Reclaimed Cannon Head Chimney Pots

Reclaimed Cannon head Chimney Pot

Firstly, a cannon head chimney pot is known for its unique shape and unrivalled design. At JJ roofing we have an extensive range of Chimney pots that are aesthetically unique in their size, colour and particularly design. This design of chimney pot is frequently requested by our customers, as it is not only their shape that is unique, but they are difficult to source. Their attractive design gives your roof a traditional look that adds distinction and character to a range of buildings. Importantly, a cannon head would look suitable for any style of pitched roof. Whilst we do have an extensive range of Cannon head Chimney pots, the Chimneys usually range in sizes from 300-900mm in height, and all are in perfect condition to match existing tiles on the roof.

Furthermore, our cannon head chimneys are made from clay and this gives them a long-lasting life, and it is commonly found that they can last up to 150 years. Clay is a natural material that has to go through a number of essential processes before being made into chimney pots. With all chimney pots in this section being reclaimed, you will also see that many of the cannon heads are weathered. This is important when buying reclaimed materials as it allows the chimney pot to fit in with the existing tiles. One clear advantage of this is it means the chimney pot wouldn’t stand out if it was new. Although many of our chimneys are used on roofs, it is becoming increasingly common for customers to use them for decoration. Cannon heads can be used in a variety of ways, whether it be as a chimney pot, or a plant pot.f you are looking to source a rolltop chimney pot, then contact our sales team via email or visit your nearest JJ roofing branch where you will receive expert advice.

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2 Items