Promenade Tile PU Adhesive

Castle Composites
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  • Promenade tile PU adhesive
  • Expanding foam adhesive provides superior bond strength
  • Allows for thermal and structural movement
  • 1 litre bottle
  • Covers approx. 50 tiles (4.35m2)

The PU-Adhesive, from leading promenade tile manufacturer Castle Composites, is a specialist, expanding foam adhesive formulated to provide a flexible bond, allowing for thermal and structural movement giving you long lasting confidence in your promenade tiles.

As well as being a strong adhesive, it also absorbs unwanted moisture and expands to provide support to the tile.

The bottles has a neatly designed, attached nozzle which is clearly marked so that a simple cut gives you a perfect 3-4mm bead that can be applied to the base of the tile for quick and effortless take.  The nozzle also means that you can keep the adhesive clear of the edges of the tiles, otherwise the foam can expand into the gaps between the tiles, leaving an uneven finish.  If this happens, it's important not to try and clean the tile while the adhesive is wet, instead wait for it to dry, remove it carefully with a knife and use an abrasive pad such as wire wool to remove any marks.

The 1 Litre bottle will cover 50 tiles (4.35m2 or 50ft2)

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