Verge & Angle Tiles

Verge Tiles

Cloaked verge tiles are both an appealing addition to your roof but also protect your tiles from underdraft from wind and rain. They are designed to stop run-off of water to the bricks below and sustain your roof tiles during harsh winters.

Both Redland and Marley, two manufacturers with many decades in the business, are available to purchase at competitive prices at JJ Roofing Supplies. There are a wide range of colour choices available which makes it simple to choose verge tiles which match with the existing tiles on your roof, perfect for repairs or for a brand new roof.

Angles Tiles

Angle tiles are designed to fit around existing walls and roofing, laid vertically. Working in a similar way to Verge tiles, this angled tiles are designed to secure tiles and protect them from the elements.

JJ Roofing stocks both right and left-hand versions of angle tiles from leading manufacturers, like Marley, Redland and Spicer. They range from the standardized clay tiles to hand-made bespoke clay angle titles, available in a variety of colours.

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Items 1-12 of 36