Marley Roof Tiles

Marley Roof Tiles

Marley Roof Tiles are some of the most popular tile choices for a modern roof. They replicate the style of classic slate or clay tiles but are made with concrete, a more versatile, durable and cost-effective material than their traditional counterparts. Similar to clay tile roofs, roofing made of Marley tiles is expected to last a minimum of 60 years, which is why they are so common on new builds and council estates in the U.K.

All Marley roofing tiles reach an A+ rating for the Building Research Establishment’s Green Guide to Specification, which essentially means they’re environmentally friendly and can help save costs on heating and cooling your house throughout the year.

What are Marley Roof Tiles made of?

Marley specializes in concrete tiles, however, they do also offer clay tiles, slate tiles, and more modern cement fibre and conrete tiles. Marley roof tiles have a stellar reputation with many decades in the roofing business behind the company. At JJ Roofing Tiles we supply the best Marley products at an affordable price, delivered right to your door.

Plain Roof Tiles From Marley

Marley plain roof tiles provide a clean and modern aesthetic with the guarantee of long-lasting durability. They are the most sought-after tiles in the U.K, Marley has 100 years’ experience in the tiling industry and is known for their high-quality materials and manufacturing.

Plain Marley roof tiles work particularly well for roof detailing, such as conical roofs, eyebrows and dormers. The tiles are available in range of colors and textures, from classic slate grey to bright clay coloring. There are smooth finishes or textured materials to fit any aesthetic for your roof. JJ Roofing Supplies delivers plain Marley tiles to your door for a competitive price.

Marley Interlocking Roof Tiles

Marley’s concrete interlocking roof tiles are the easiest to lay in the industry and save time and money when it comes to installing them on your roof. With JJ Roofing Supplies’ competitive pricing and fast delivery, these interlocking tiles are the most cost-effective choice to revamp your roof.

These tiles are designed to be aesthetically-pleasing with a range of different colours and designs, while adhering to modern tile technology to guarantee good environmental performance and durability for many years.

Marley Low Pitch roof tiles

Low pitch roof tiles are generally larger than your ordinary Marley plain tiles and as a result are much easier to lay and cover a large area in a short amount of time. Although more expensive per tile than a plain tile, per square meter they work out much cheaper than their counterparts. Creating a more cost-effective job in the long term. There are different styles that are individually suited to your roof, including profiled, flat and smooth or textured. These tiles are often found on extensions where height is disapproved.

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