Permavent Easy Verge 25mm x 112mm x 3m

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Product code: 49373
Product weight: 5.00 Kg
Product Information: 
  • Install on roofs as low as 12 degrees
  • High performance
  • Cost effective
  • Will not stain the roof
  • Quick and Easy installation
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
0333 700 1111


The Permavent Easy Verge is a continuous soaker system for slates. A visually pleasing option due to its attractive traditional finish, this system is completely waterproof and very simple to install.

Slates have been a popular choice for a long time because they don’t absorb water. If slates are installed on the verge of the roof, the batten creates a gap underneath. A known method of finishing the verge gap is creating a pointed verge where a coloured mortar is put into the gap and then finished with a trowel for a smooth appearance.

The issue with this system is that the pointing will never fully adhere to the slates due to the cement mortar’s water content which is a known cause of roof failure. A roof verge will get wet every time it rains (it gets exposed to all the other elements as well). If there’s wind activity, the rain can easily be driven over the side of the verge where it will be saturated. The rain can also creep back onto the battens and run back on the underside of the slate.

When water is constantly absorbed through porous mortar, it will also be absorbed by the end grain of the roofing batten which causes rot to occur. When the batten becomes rotten, it will no longer hold the slates in place causing them to dislodge and eventually fall off the roof. Also, when the pointed verge absorbs water, it can result in the cement colouring washing off which will affect the final appearance.

Because of this, insurance companies such as NHBC now insist that cement mortar no longer be used for these roofing purposes. Alternative dry verge systems don’t match traditional roofing methods and sometimes allow water to seep through the top which can in turn cause premature rotting.

Permavent Easy Verge is the only dry wedge system that is specifically designed to look like a classic pointed verge. It comes with super seals that are patented and guaranteed to prevent water from creeping back under the slates or through the verge. This successfully prevents the battens from rotting.

Permavent Easy Verge has an under cloak variable from 0 to 100 millimetres. This unique design will ensure a straight verge every time with very little effort. This product is 3 metres long. An excellent choice that is reliable, cost effective, and easy to install.