Icopal Monarperm 500 1.5x50m Breathable Felt

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Icopal Monarperm 500 1.5x50m Breathable Felt

Here at JJ Roofing, we understand the importance of supplying products that meet all of the required industry standards. After all, the last thing you want is to find that your new roof is leaking in spots and allowing unwanted damp to enter your property. Fortunately, you will have no such concerns when you choose to invest in the Icopal Monarperm 500 Breathable Felt.

This outstanding product has been cleverly designed to meet the performance requirements for a pitched roof underlay. Plus, thanks to its intuitive design, Monarperm 500 installation couldn’t be easier. What makes this product truly extraordinary is the high-performance economy vapour permeable membrane. An exceptional feature, this smart addition means that the Icopal Monarperm 500 Breathable Felt is suitable for both warm and cold pitched roofs.

You won’t find a better quality product anywhere else, and this is all thanks to the durable non-woven polypropylene that protects the microporous film. The polypropylene has been used to coat both sides of the felt for maximum durability ensuring many years of reliable service. Furthermore, the felt is UV stable and can withstand exposure onsite for up to months. This affords you with plenty of time to carry out the Monarperm 500 installation process.

When placing anything directly on the roof, weight is always a crucial factor that must be taken into consideration. The Icopal Monarperm 500 Breathable Felt is lightweight, weighing in at only 120g/m² - discounting extenuating circumstances, the majority of roofs should be more than able to bear the weight comfortably. Plus, this product is incredibly easy to handle making onsite use an absolute breeze.

Of course, when you choose any product you want to know that said product has been fully certified. The Icopal Monarperm 500 Breathable Felt has been BBA and IAB certified for use in both warm and cold roof applications – so can enjoy complete peace of mind. This felt can be used for vented and unvented setups and is also stable across a wide range of temperatures making it ideal for use in any climate.

Naturally, being a product that is used outdoors, the ability to repel rain and snow is a vital necessity. When you choose a Monarperm 500 installation, you won’t be disappointed as this product is waterproof to a 6m head of water. If that wasn’t enough, it also boasts incredible strength and tear resistance. Plus, it won’t “tent” and can be laid directly onto insulation or boarding if necessary.

At JJ Roofing, we supply the following two size options for Monarperm 500 installation – 1.5x50m and 1x50m.Below, you will find a table detailing the technical specifications of the Icopal Monarperm 500 Breathable Felt:

Roll Sizes

                1m x 50m; 1.5m x 50m


                Grey upper; White lower





Water Vapour Resistance


Water Vapour Transmission


Tensile Strength

200N/5cm (1)

130N/5cm (2)

Head of Water