Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Roof Shingles

Maple Leaf
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  • Durable and easy to install.
  • Lightweight with proven performance.
  • Traditional square butt profile roof shingles.
  • Choice of attractive colours.
  • UV resistant finish
  • 1000mm x 333mm

Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Roof Shingles

Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Shingle is the ideal solution for someone who is looking for a highly durable, weatherproof material for their roof. Felt shingle is well known for its high-performance features and as a result, is the material of choice for many domestic and commercial properties, and is widely seen on summerhouses and garden sheds.

With a selection of colours available to purchase, you’ll discover a shade that matches your external environment and blends in with any existing features. Maple Leaf Butt Felt Shingle comes in various rustic woodland shades, making it even more attractive for locations surrounded by nature. The square tiles will provide any building with a highly attractive and uniformed finish.

This shingle can easily be applied to both shallower and steeper roofs. Shallower roofs between 15 and 45 degrees require a shingle underlay before the strips of material are applied. Steeper roofs with a pitch more than 45 degrees don’t require an underlay and the felt shingle can be applied directly onto the roof structure. The shingle can even be applied successfully to vertical areas.

Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Shingle can either be laid by a DIY expert or a professional company.

To ensure the correct application of the Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Shingle, an easy to follow ‘tab and groove’ location system makes applying the appropriate layering easier. When the shingle is not layered properly, the waterproofing may not be as effective, which could leave your roof susceptible to damp.

With a heavy weight fibre glass base, the Maple Leaf Square Butt Felt Shingle is highly durable and weather resistant. On top of the fibre glass is a layer of oxidised bitumen, which is well known for its waterproof properties. Finally, there’s an upper layer, which is coated in coloured mineral granules. To prevent the sun’s rays from bleaching the colour of the felt shingle, it is supplied with a UV resistant finish.

At JJ Roofing, we supply the following colours:

  • Bark Brown
  • Charcoal black
  • Venetian red
  • Forest green
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