Lighthouse Elite Rechargeable 4 Mode Power Torch

£16.66 ex. VAT £19.99 incl. VAT
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  • Has 4 modes of use - hard, soft, strobe & SoS
  • Charger lead included
  • Useful power bar on the side of the torch

Lighthouse Elite Rechargeable 4 Mode Power Torch

The Lighthouse Elite rechargeable Power-Torch is packed with a host of innovative features to support a number of trade, leisure and personal users. It has the very latest technology 5 Watt CREE, high performance LED which provides a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

This torch has 4 functions: High power, low power (so as not to dazzle people who may be working in close proximity), strobe and (by holding the button for 3 seconds in strobe mode) S.O.S. You can also extend the front lens sleeve to reveal a 360° floodlight. All 4 functions (modes) can also operate when the torch is used in this way. This provides a number of user benefits as you can then use the torch either as a nightlight when camping etc., to light a room during a power cut, or to enable you to work hands free on site, at home or in the workshop.

The light has a hard-anodized anti-abrasive body which has been precision engineered to provide comfort and grip. This innovative torch is rechargeable and has an in-built rechargeable 3.7 volt 4,000mAH battery. 4 blue indicator lights show you how much charge there is in the torch before you use it. There is a USB port in the body, and a charger and lead are supplied.

The port on the body of the torch will enable you to charge personal items such as MP3 players and even mobile phones with a compatible lead. This could provide extra peace of mind when working in remote areas, or if running into difficulties out walking and your phone has run out of charge – the torch could give you enough power to make a call. Most new cars have USB connectivity, so this is a torch you can keep in the glove box and always have it fully charged. With the 4 functions and 360° facility, it is ideal for garages, lofts, mechanics, plumbers and engineers who need to work hands-free in restricted areas, as well as having numerous benefits for a number of outdoor leisure activities.

It is supplied with a USB charger and lead.

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