Klober Permo Extreme RS SK2 Pitched Roof Underlay

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Product code: 59490
Manufacturers part number: KU0171-11
Product weight: 18.00 Kg
Product Information: 
  • 50 x 1.5m (75m2)
  • Double self-adhesive strips permit permanent wind and waterproof sealing of overlaps
  • Immediate weatherproofing protection against wind, rain and snow
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
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Klober Permo Extreme RS SK2 Pitched Roof Underlay

JJ Roofing is a team with experience and knowledge about the products you need to make your projects yield the highest level of results. This is why we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best materials and products available on the market today. Part of this comprehensive range is the Klober Permo Extreme Pitched Roof Underlay.

This underlay is an ideal option for sections of roofing projects where the pitch of the roof is in excess of 12.5 degrees for profile tiles and 15 degrees for flat tiles. This product has extraordinary performance and physical characteristics, which set it apart from the competition.

Klober is a well-respected brand in the roofing industry, so you know you are buying the best when you choose this product. Here is the Klober recommended installation guidelines for Klober Permo Extreme Pitched Roof Underlay:

  1. The underlay should be laid on a 12mm ply/OSB and then counter battened
  2. Butylon tape should be laid underneath where the counter battens are going to be fixed in order to seal around any nail penetrations
  3. For roofs in excess is 15 degrees, in accordance with BS5534, the minimum head leap should be 100mm. Under 15 degrees pitch, the head leap should be increased to 150mm, which will require butylon tape to seal the overlap.

This fantastic product meets the requirements as a roof support system with improved rain tightness characteristics, in accordance with ÖNORM. It has such high performance characteristics that it can be considered the primary barrier when it is covered by a UV barrier, such as tiles, slates, etc.

The material used in the Klober Permo Extreme Pitched Roof Underlay is a two-layered underlay that features a monolithic TPU coating on a durable and extremely tear-resistant PES fleece. This means it has a transverse and longitudinal resistance to tearing of 215N and 200N respectively.

Some key facts to note about this product are:

Weight approx. 240g/m2
Water vapour transmission EN 12572 (sd value)0.08 m
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1, EN 11925-2E
Water column, EN 20811> 4,500 mm
Resistance to water penetration EN 1928W1
Resistance to air penetration< 0.1 m³/m2 h 50 Pa
Tensile strength longitudinal / transverse EN 12311-1310N/5 cm 360N/5 cm
Elongation longitudinal / transverse EN 12311-145% / 55%
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) longitudinal / transverse EN 12310-1215N 200N
Resistance to temperature-40ºC / +100ºC
UV-resistance / Natural weathering4 months
Temporary roofing8 weeks
Driving rain test (TU Berlin)passed

This product is supplied in rolls of 50m x 1.5m (75m2) and weighs 18kg per roll.