Klober 70mm Dry Bonding Strip

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  • 3m long x 216mm x 1mm
  • Provides a weathertight junction between differing roof finishes
  • Safe and easy to cut
  • Lightweight and flexible

Klober 70mm Dry Bonding Strip

The Klober dry bonding strip provides the ideal method for creating a completely watertight junction above the party wall between different roof finishes during your re-roofing process.

Lightweight and flexible, the Klober dry bonding strip is very safe to handle, easy to cut, mortar-free and fully UV resistant. Made from UV-stabilised glass reinforced polyester, the Klober dry bonding strip is easy to install as per below.

You will need to begin by exposing the party wall by removing the slates or tiles on both sides. Then cut the battens back on the roof that isn’t being replaced in a way that places them above the party wall.

Secondly, place the new underlay over the party wall and underneath the existing battens. Then fix the battens on both sides over the party wall in a way that permits a 160 millimetre gap to allow for the fire-stop materials and the Klober dry bonding strip.

Next, fix the Klober dry bonding strip at 1 metre centres using large nails through drilled 5 millimetre holes to ensure that the raised middle bit is located directly above the party wall and laps as per dry valleys.

Now fix the new slates or tiles by butting them up against the raised section of the Klober dry bonding strip on both sides.

Here at JJ Roofing, we are very happy to offer an extensive range of products from Klober. Klober has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of roofing ventilation products in Europe. First established in 1960, Klober possesses an unparalleled wealth of industry knowledge and now boasts one of the widest selections of roofing products on the market.

Klober is a very influential company in two ways – they are well known for bringing innovative new products to the market as well as coming up with fresh practices that benefit the construction industry.

When the Klober team begins designing a new product, their number one aim is to be as universal as possible so it can be fitted with the biggest possible selection of different tiles and slates. This allows for a fast installation process. All Klober products are guaranteed to be long lasting and the Klober dry bonding strip is no exception to this rule.

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