Ideal Medium Gas Torch

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Ideal Medium Gas Torch

Are you in the market for a quality constructed gas torch to assist with a wide range of roofing projects? If so, look no further than JJ Roofing as we have the perfect option for you. The Ideal Medium Gas Torch features all the accessories you’ll require to carry out light to medium level work. These torches have been designed to both lightweight and practical, ensuring that any work runs smoothly.

The Medium Gas Torch comes as a kit which comprises a medium-sized hose and regulator, arm support and 50mm burner. It is capable of completing a wide range of tasks making short work of most torch-on applications. The neck itself measures 350mm, and these torches come with a GA42P 10m hose. This provides ample length enabling you to reach every corner of the rooftop.

The product itself weighs just 7kg which makes it highly portable and easy lift onto all roofing systems. It also won’t place any unnecessary strain on the system preventing damage from occurring that could cause future complications. A handle is included which incorporates a comfortable grip for easy handling. With the handily placed trigger, the burner can be operated in short or continuous bursts providing the user with complete control.

At the other end of the hose is a well-designed canister attachment that ensures the burner remains securely fastened to the gas bottle while in use. This prevents any dangerous gas leakages from occurring and ensures a steady supply of fuel maximising the overall efficiency of the burner.

The addition of a torch stand means the burner won’t be left lying around on the ground where damage could occur to either the burner or any nearby materials. By placing the burner onto the stand between uses, you can ensure the maximum lifespan and performance efficiency of your medium gas torch.

If your search for a medium gas torch has brought you here, you’ll be pleased to hear that we stock only the best quality products from trusted manufacturers. All of our products have been rigorously tested, so you’re sure to be pleased with the results. You’ll find our prices to be displayed both inclusive, and exclusive of VAT and we can provide a delivery estimate of just 1-2 working days.

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