Haus Profi HP Flashing Sealant

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  • Colour: Transparent
  • 310ml tube
  • UV resistant, Bitumen-friendly synthetic rubber (silicone free
  • For usage with Haus Profi Wakaflex

Haus Profi HP Flashing Sealant

The Haus Profi HP flashing sealant has been carefully formulated to seamlessly work with Rapid Flashing in order to make it easily adhere to different surfaces.

While there are other sealants on the market that can be used with EasyFlash and Wakaflex, none of them stick to the surface as well as the Haus Profi HP flashing sealant does. This transparent sealant comes in a 310 millilitre application tube that will perfectly fit inside a standard caulking gun that can be purchased from any DIY shop.

The Haus Profi HP flashing sealant is made from silicone-free bitumen-friendly synthetic rubber that is fully UV resistant. When not in use, the tubes should be stored in a cool dry place and protected from frost.

All of the products in the Haus Profi range have been developed as lead-free alternatives to traditional solutions. Wakaflex, for instance, is a flexible lead free flashing that chemically bonds itself thus making it an ideal option for sealing pitch transitions and abutments on roof upstands, dormers, chimneys and walls.

Each product in the new Haus Profi range is non-toxic and the Haus Profi HP flashing sealant is no exception which makes it a highly suitable choice for rainwater harvesting systems while presenting no health hazards.

The Haus Profi range is simple to handle and fast to install. With materials that can be stretched up to 60% without the use of any lead forming tools, they can be perfectly utilised with profiled concrete and clay tiles as well as shingles, slates, polycarbonate and metal seams.

You can rest assured knowing that all products in the Haus Profi range including the Haus Profi HP flashing sealant are rigorously tested before being made available for purchase. They’ve been tested in relation to wind load as well as shear, abrasion and fire resistance. Additional tests have been carried out on temperature, colour and dimensional stability plus UV resistance and weather tightness.

The Haus Profi range can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius as well as extremely hot weather conditions making it a supremely flexible option for your roofing application.

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