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Easy Step-by-Step Guide for a Cure-it Roof

Before beginning, ensure the deck is laid on joists with a maximum space of 600mm & T&G is completely dry.

Step 1

Lay T&G boards 90 degrees to the joists with the more extensive T&G gap face up. Ensure there is a 25mm expansion gap between the decking and abutting walls. Mark the joist’s location on the boards. Fix boards at 200mm centres (only use Galv Nails or Screws); fixings must penetrate 40mm into joists.

Step 2 

Battens should be installed around the edges to support the required trims. Install 1 x batten for the raised edge trim, and 2 x battens for the Drip edge trims (offset the second 10mm lower than the first batten). Apply Pu adhesive to battens before fixing trims over the top every 150mm. Overlap trims by 50mm; apply 2 beads of PU adhesive to create a strong bond.

Step 3 

Roll matting over the deck to gather info on the quantity of matting needed. Cut Matting to size using Stanley; make sure to include a feather edge overlap of 50mm. Re-roll the matting and put it to one side for later. Roll out the bandage & cut for joints. Bridge any gaps with masking tape.

Step 4 

Open the resin and mix for 30 seconds using a batten. Pour GRP resin into a measuring bucket. Measure out the hardener into a safety dispenser & then mix the required amount into the resin. (Both resin and topcoat require a hardener to cure) Next, begin saturating the bandage joints with resin with a 3-inch roller. After the resin is saturated, begin to paddle roll strips. While the bandage is still wet, apply detailed tissue.

Step 5

Main Roof on dec; apply 3 rollers full of resin in 1-meter sections. Grab the CSM matting and roll over the top of the damp decking. Apply resin over the matting (roughly 6 x rollers full). Now paddle over soaked CSM matting until transparent. For maximum adhesion, apply a wash coat over the top. Then, begin to roll the paddle over the resin-soaked matting until transparent. Repeat the process until the deck is covered.

Step 6

Before applying a topcoat, lightly sand Laminate with 40 Grit sandpaper. Remove dust and wipe with acetone. Mix topcoat well with a slate batten then pours into a mixing bucket. Pour in the required hardener referring to the mixing bucket. Apply it both in corners, trims, and any detailing before covering the main roof. Cover the rest of the deck with a topcoat; the flat roof requires a maximum of 24hrs to cure.