ClassicBond EPDM Installation Guide 

Note: Before installation make sure the roof is clear of any debris which can damage or cause deterrence with adhesion.

Step 1

Start by marking 100mm around the parameter of the boards. This will outline the application base difference of the bonding adhesive and the main deck WBA deck adhesive

Step 2 

Lay the cut-to-size rubber roof over the deck allowing for 75mm overhang around the edges. Once down, allow the membrane to relax on the deck for around 30 minutes (this can vary on the weather conditions). 

Step 3 

Pull back one side of the rubber back to the centre point, exposing the deck underneath. This exposed deck should now be covered with the WBA deck adhesive (exclude the 75mm marked parameter). 

Step 4 

Whilst the Deck is still wet roll the rubber back on top of the deck. This will allow the adhesive to transfer to the underside of the membrane forming the adhesion. Once down, broom the top of the rubber to ensure adequate contact with the rubber and adhesive.  Once completed repeat the process on the opposite side of the flat roof.

Step 5 

Peel back the rubber membrane from the 75mm edges you marked prior. Begin to apply the ClassicBond bonding adhesive on both the deck and underside of the membrane. Once glue is applied wait for the adhesive to tack off before pushing the membrane to the deck (allowing the bonding adhesive to tack off prevents chances of blistering).

Step 6 

Drip Trim installation. Once adhesion is complete grab the front plate of your ClassicBond Sure Edge PVC front plate trim and fix into position using the pins provided. Once fixed, trim off the excess membrane from the gutter edge to create a neat edge.

Step 7 

Sure edge ClassicBond Check Curb. Trim back the membrane, allowing the minimum of 50mm over hanging the roof edge. Now grab the Check Kerb and fix the trim to the side of the deck using the pins provided. If multiple trims are required, make sure to allow an expansion gap of 1mm per metre of run between lengths of trim.

Step 8 

Final step, corners & joints. Attach the corners and joints using the ClassicBond trim adhesive. 

Presto your freestanding EPDM flat roof with check kerbs and drip trims is finished!

This is a rough guide, please contact your roofer for an accurate installation guide!