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Decra Roof Tiles from Icopal


Introducing the Decra lightweight tile system

We are proud to present the latest addition to our roofing range of products and accessories: The Decra lightweight tiles and roofing system. The Decra tiles are lightweight, comprise of a sturdy metal core, that is in covered in layers of durable materials making them durable, long-lasting, resilient and resistant to breakage, vandalism and the effects of harsh weather. They are available in a range of profiles, and a set of different colours within each profile:


Classic: The Decra Classic tiles are a cost effective, versatile solution to many roofing projects. The tiles have been designed to resemble traditional clay or concrete roofing tiles. They are available in Teak, Anthracite, Brindle, Shiny Black and Terracotta.
Elegance: When style and high impact architectural design are part of the brief, consider the Decra Elegance range. The tiles are available in three attractive satin finishes: Satin Graphite, Satin Terracotta, and Satin Mocha. They are also available in three high lustre, gloss finishes: High Gloss Green, High Gloss Bordeaux and High Gloss Black.
Stratos: Ideal for the widest range of applications, including commercial, Stratos Tiles have been designed to feel and look like traditional slate or concrete tiles. They are extremely robust and durable and offer superior weather protection. The tiles are available in Teak, Anthracite and Pepperstone.
Oberon: If conventional clay tiles or wooden shingles is your impression of an attractive roofing system, Oberon is the ideal alternative. These tiles are extremely lightweight and yet still feature the strength and durability features associated with the Decra range. Oberon tiles are available in Bark, Eclipse and Sunset.
Decra Plus: The Decra Plus tiles are the most robust tiles of their kind. They too have been designed to have the look of traditional clay and concrete tiles and actually resemble the Decra Classic Tiles, except that they are twice as thick and exhibit strength and security features that are simply unmatched in the marketplace. Choose these tiles when safety is a concern. They are available in Anthracite and Terracotta.


What makes the Decra Tiling system so unique is a set of unique features that position them apart from the competition. We’ve included the key features of the system to aid you in your selection process:


Decra tiles are versatile. They can be used in a wide array of roofing projects including refurbishments and new builds. Additionally, they are suitable for both residential as well as commercial applications; with some profiles specially designed to meet the specific requirements of each application type. Moreover, Decra tiles are ideal for use in a range of roof pitches; ranging from very low-pitched roofs to vertical inclinations.

Unmatched strength

A unique composition of materials give Decra tiles unmatched strength qualities that not only contribute to the longevity of the roof installation, but also provide resistance against accidental wreckage and security against intentional breakage and intrusion.

Fraction of weight of conventional tiles:

In designing a selection of tile profiles, Decra has created a set of roof tiles to resemble the look and colour of conventional roofing systems including clay, concrete and slate. In each case, the Decra tiles weigh a fraction of the traditional tiles they mimic, making the ideal choice in refurbishment projects and new builds.

40 year full value roofing guarantee

Decra offer a competitive 40 year full weather security. The Decra guarantee is independently insurance backed, against failure to provide you with a watertight roof tile for a period of 40 years. Download the brochure to read more about Decra’s impressive guarantee.

Weather Protection:

A set of unique features provide for unmatched protection against harsh weather conditions. Decra tiles are storm proof; they have been tested accordingly, and they demonstrate resistance to winds of up to 160km/h, and rain falling at 200mm per hour. Having been installed in on over 60million roofs, they have proven resilience to all weather conditions including snow, ice, rain, hail, sun and even hurricanes.

Environmentally friendly

Decra tiles and accessories are fabricated from environmentally friendly materials. The ways in which a manufacturer mitigates environmental impact in the construction of its products, is indicative of it’s commitment to quality of product and customer satisfaction.

Dry fixed roofing system

The Decra Lightweight system is a dry fix roofing system. Unlike in traditional roofing installation where the roof perimeter at the ridge, hip and verge if fixed with mortar, in dry fix systems this is done mechanically. Effectively, dry fixing the perimeter allows for a more cost effective, quicker and safer installation.

Easy to handle quick to install

Handling and labour costs are not only minimized due to the lightweightedness of the individual components, they are further reduced through the easy to fit and assemble feature of the tiles and components. Furthermore, individual accessory components have been engineered for quick and easy installation.

Comprehensive range of accessories

To complement the tiles, provide for ventilation and to allow for more attractive finishing at the eaves, gables and abutments, Decra have engineered an extensive range of ventilation components and specially made covers and caps. Finishing accessories are available in each of the Decra tile profile ranges and are colour matched accordingly, to give a seamless finish.

Secured by Design Accreditation: (Classic, Stratos, Decra Plus, Elegance Tiles)

Decra Secured by Design accreditation in unmatched in the industry. Decra are the only UK manufacturer to have received the accreditation issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Specifically, it is the enhanced security fittings and the specialised installation method that have won Decra this special accolade, the upshot of which is to provide customers who opt for the Decra Tiling System, unparalleled security.

Cost reduction though to speed of installation, low maintenance:

The combination of features, some of which are market leading and simply unmatched in the industry, make Decra a highly cost effective dry fix roofing solution. Less time and money is spent on handling, fitting and installing the lightweight tiles. More time and money is saved through the tile range’s low maintenance requirements. The titles are strong, robust and resilient and they look great for longer periods of time as opposed to conventional tiling systems.

With that set of features the Decra Tiling System is hard to beat. The Decra Range is now online and available for purchase. We are happy to assist you with any enquiries about the range.

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