Easytrim Universal Dry Ridge System

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This universal dry ridge system is an alternative to using traditional sand and cement mortar to affix ridge tiles to a roof. Using a combination of innovative rain and wind proof materials, specialist treated metals and clever design, the Easy-Trim Universal Dry Ridge System promises to provide over 20 years of maintenance-free service.

Because this easy trim ridge system is universal, it is compatible with a wide range of roofing tiles including concrete, clay and most slate tile profiles. It is also versatile, as it is suitable for roof pitches between 12.5 and 60 degrees.

The specifications of the Easy-Trim Universal Dry Ridge System give it many advantages over other traditional ridge systems. In fact, the system has been manufactured to comply with BS 5534 mechanical fixing standards.

The combination of materials gives the system more strength than using mortar, making the ridge more resistant to bad weather, this is largely due to the pumped butyl adhesive.

Despite the layering system, the easy trim ridge remains vapour permeable, which means any condensation is released into the atmosphere, rather than condensing back into the roof, causing damp-related issues. The system ventilates to BS 3250 standard.

The metals included within the design are stainless steel and aluminium. The stainless steel is highly durable and weather-resistant, contributing to the universal dry ridge system’s long lifespan. The aluminium is UV resistant and won’t weaken when exposed to the sun’s rays.

In terms of installation, the easy trim ridge does not require any specialist tools to affix, making the whole process very time-effective. When correctly installed, the system will provide 5mm continuous ventilation along the ridge and have a length of 6 metres. 

The complete kit comprises of:

1 x 6m Easy Ridge F Roll

10 x ridge batten brackets

13 x universal Easy Ridge F ridge unions

1 x fixing kit

If you are looking for Marley Dry Ridge System prices, you won’t be disappointed, as the system is fantastic value for money.  Long lasting, highly durable and uncomplicated to install, this is an effective solution whether you are renovating a roof or building one from new.