Eastern White Cedar Shingles Ridge Pack - Covers 6m

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£71.50 ex. VAT £85.80 incl. VAT
Product code: 42123
Product weight: 8.00 Kg
Product Information: 
  • Constructed from natural cedar
  • Untreated or treated for extended durability
  • Suitable for roofs with a pitch of 14 – 18 degrees
  • Exposed area 100 - 150mm
  • Resistant to fungal, insect, and moisture decay
  • 6m per pack
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:

If you are looking for a roofing material that is stylish and durable, Eastern White Cedar Shingles are the perfect solution. To ensure that you benefit from a reliable, uniform roof, make sure that you invest in the accompanying Eastern White Cedar Shingles Ridge Pack, which will cover up to 6 metres of ridge. 

Having been a popular roofing choice in Canada for hundreds of years, Eastern White Cedar Shingles and ridges are now being recognised in the UK for their water resistance and durability against even the wettest of climates.  Also possessing UV resistant qualities, Cedar Shingle Ridges are perfectly suitable for dryer climates.

Possessing natural occurring preservatives, White Cedar Shingle Ridges are already highly resistant to fungal, insect and moisture decay at the point of purchase and can be supplied having been coated with an additional protective coat. Once the wood has weathered to its distinctive silver-grey colour, you can coat the wood in a paint or gloss of your choice, which enables you to personalise the cedar to your specific specifications.

Eastern White Cedar Shingle Ridges are noted for their thermal insulation properties. Helping to keep the heat in in the winter and out in the summer, investing in Eastern White Cedar Shingle Ridges as your chosen roofing material could see a reduction in your energy bills.

If you’re worried about external or internal noises interrupting you during the day or at night, the shingles themselves provide a high level of noise insulation. Cedar shingles are also known to have a pleasing spicy aroma – an attractive quality that will give your property an edge.

All of the ridge shingles in the pack are responsibly sourced from renewable Canadian forests, making this particular roofing material a popular choice among those looking to build an eco-friendly home.

To ensure that your roof benefits from a uniform appearance, we ensure that all of our shingle ridges are up to grade A standard, which means they don’t have any knots or wood markings.

The ridges are pale brown (untreated) when installed but over time, they weather to an attractive silver-grey colour, usually 5-7 months after installation. Once they have weathered, you can stain or paint them to an effect of your choice, making them the ideal option if you are looking for a unique roofing option that will make your property stand out from the rest.