Decra Plus Tile Anthracite

£21.70 ex. VAT £26.04 incl. VAT
Est. Delivery : 3-5 Working Day(s)
  • Tile size: 1324mm x 410mm
  • Tile weight: 5.4kg
  • Coverage: 0.465m2 per tile
  • 2.15 Tiles per m2
  • Available in 2 Colours, Terracotta Red & Anthracite

Decra Plus Tile Anthracite

The Decra Plus Tiles are a unique solution to home and roofing safety concerns. Although still lightweight as compared with the conventional clay tiles they emulate the look and feel of, the Decra Plus Tiles are double the thickness of standard Decra tiles.

Decra Plus tiles offer additional protection against vandalism and forced entry which make these not only ideal for new residential builds or refurbishments where security is a concern, but also for commercial applications where the building may be left unattended for long periods of time. Decra Plus Tiles are fixed at the top and bottom edge which means they are harder to remove.

This unique set of features have earned Decra a Secured by Design Accreditation making them the only roof manufacturer to have done so. The strength and robustness of the tile comes from the unique composition. The tiles are made from a steel core with thermal zincing. They are coated in an epoxy coating followed by an acrylic resin, natural stone granulate and a transparent protection layer on top. This composition means the tiles are also able to provide unrivalled protection against harsh weather conditions.

Decra can offer a 40 year weather protection guarantee having tested the tiles successfully under a set of harsh weather conditions including with winds of up o 160km/h and rainfall at 200mm per hour. The tiles come with a full range of accessories for fast and efficient ventilation installation as well as effective detailing and finishing at the eaves and gables.

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