Decra Plus D Box Barge Cap Anthracite

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  • Use with Decra Plus Tiles
  • For detailing at verges, barges & gables
  • Available in: Terracotta Red & Anthracite

Decra Plus D Box Barge Cap Anthracite

The Decra Plus Barge Cap is for use with the Decra Plus Tiling System. The barge caps have a similar shape to the D Ridges but are narrower in angle and have a more box like shape. The units are used for detailing at verges, gable and gables.

For correct installation of the barge covers, first fix the barge boards so that they are in line with the tops of tile battens. The underlay should be upturned against the edge of the bargeboard by 38mm. On top of tile battens, nails additional 50 x 38mm runner battens along the face of the bargeboard. Set these 85mm from the edge of each bargeboard. Cut and bend Decra tiles so that they are upturned against gable runner batten. You can now proceed by installing the caps.

Before installing the first cap, trim and fold the ends to form a blocked end at the eaves (40mm fold). Fix the fist cap with 4 nails on each side. Drive the nails horizontally on one edge through the bargeboard. Drive the other 4 at an angle through the upstand into the runner. The caps have a tapered design, so place the remaining cap up the slope ensuring there is a 80mm overlap between this top wider edge and the bottom narrower end of the cap below.

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