Decra Classic Left Hand Barge Cover

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  • Coverage: 1100mm
  • Covers 3 courses of tiles
  • Quicker to Install and more cost effective than Cloaked Verge Cap
  • Scribed cover to be used on left hand gables, verges & barges
  • Available in 6 Colours, Anthracite, Brindle, Teak, Terracotta, Sea Green and Shiny Black

To properly detail the roofs, Decra have designed a Barge Cover and a Cloaked Verge Cover in the Decra Classic Tile Roof Sheeting range, to cover barges. The Barge Cover detailing option is easier to install and also more cost effective than the other alternative. The covers are multifunctional in that they can be used to detail gables, verges as well as barges.

Each piece is scribed and designed to cover 3 courses of tiles. To ensure a quicker and more seamless installation process,

Decra have designed a left and right hand version of the barge cover. Use the left hand Barge Covers to cover barges on the left. If you are using the Barge Cover as opposed to the Cloaked Verge Caps to cover barges at gables, begin by fastening the Barge Cover Closure into position first, at the eaves or foot. You may then continue installing the remaining Barge Covers. When doing so ensure that that each barge cover is lapped correctly.

Ensure additionally that all covers are fixed to the barge boards so that they are 25mm higher than the tops of the tiles.

The underlay should also be turned up against the edge of the barge boards by 25mm. An optional Decra Top Course may also be used to encase the timber bargeboard.

To fix and fasten each Barge Cover, you will require 6 Decra Fixing Nails (3 fixed horizontally and 3 vertically). The nail heads may be covered with Decra Finishing Kit.

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