Cure-It GRP Trim PU Adhesive

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Cure-It GRP Trim PU Adhesive

Ideal for fixing Cure-It trims and sealing joints, this GRP PU adhesive offered by JJ Roofing is moisture-cured and very easy to apply on top of being extremely fast setting.

Used to effectively bond your trims at the perimeter of the roof, this light grey solution will seamlessly blend your Cure-It trims together for a flexible finish. You can use this tube with any standard sealant gun.

Specifically formulated to promote enhanced bonding characteristics, Cure-It’s roofing topcoats and resins offer a level of versatility that is unparalleled by other products used for the same application.

Cure-It have designed their range – including this PU adhesive for Cure-It GRP trims – to be able to perfectly adapt to seasonal temperature changes regardless of their levels of extremity. The products can be installed at any time of the year, even if it is 0 degrees Celsius outside.

Each and every Cure-It product proudly, including the Cure-It trims adhesive, carries the CE marking which means that they are of the highest possible quality, sold in environmentally responsible packaging and fully compliant with pre-set European regulations on manufacturing standards.

A Cure-It system consists of a wet laid laminate and is suitable for any roofing application. The laminate has been applied over a pre-fitted deck that measures at 18 millimetres. A change in the perimeter or roof pitch can easily be changed by using an edge trim. The hard-wearing topcoat provides a fantastically durable finish.

When you buy a Cure-It system along with the GRP trim PU adhesive from JJ Roofing, you are making a smart choice and choosing quality. It is cold applied making the installation process very safe and easy.

Cure-It products, including the Cure-It trims adhesive, are environmentally friendly, cost effective, responsibly manufactured, UV-resistant and able to withstand heavy foot traffic which is why it’s an especially popular choice for balconies and walkways.

Cure-It was the recipient of the highly prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in 2016 in the innovation category.

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