Cure-It GRP Fascia/Drip trim

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When purchasing the materials to construct a flat roof, it is imperative that you invest in the appropriate drainage system, otherwise your roof could be susceptible to leakages. If rain water cannot drip off your roof properly, it could penetrate through to your property, creating issues associated with damp.

Easy to use and to apply, the Cure It GRP fascia/ drip trim fits to the lowest edge of the roof where rainwater trickles into the gutter, ensuring that the roof remains clear of water.  It is compatible with Cure It roofing trims and resins and should be applied using the correct methods to ensure it performs as per specifications. Cure It provide in-depth installation instructions and training sessions.

All Cure It GRP fascia/drip trims are supplied 3 metres in length. Strong and durable yet easy to cut to size, you can manipulate the material to ensure the drip trim fits to the specifications of your roof. In addition to having a purposeful function, the Cure it GRP Fascia/drip trim creates a neat finish around the roof edge, ensuring a tidy and attractive appearance.

To finish, you can apply your chosen top coat to the drip trim, ensuring a uniform appearance that meets your personal preferences.

At JJ Roofing, we supply four sizes of Cure It GRP fascia/drip trim, which are all designed to be compatible with C1, C2 and C4 corner trims.

A170 – this drip trim should be used in circumstances where the A200 drip trim is too large. It has a 70mm drip depth.

A200- 90mm drip depth, which is standard size.

A200HD- 90mm drip depth and heavy duty – twice the strength of standard roofing trims.

A250- 145mm drip depth – it is designed to cover insulation and is ideally suited for warm roofs.

All Cure It materials are supplied with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee for your reassurance. 

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