Cure-It GRP 30m Complete Roofing Kit

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Cure-It GRP 30m Complete Roofing Kit

Cure It is one of the leading suppliers of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roofs. The Cure It GRP Complete Roofing Kit will provide you with all the materials that you require to construct an incredibly strong and durable flat roof. If laid properly, a Cure It roof will last at least 20 years leak free, making it the perfect choice for garages and small outbuildings.

The product owes its success to the innovative products that have to be used in conjunction with each other to form the structure of the roof. Included in the kit is all the products that you require. They must be used correctly to guarantee that the roof performs as per the specifications.

Cure It recommends that every person who purchases the GRP Cure It kit should attend an official training session, or invest in the help of a roofing specialist who has experience in laying Cure It roofs.  When you purchase the Cure It GRP Complete Roofing Kit, you will receive the following products as standard:

Cure It 15m Chopped strand mat (450g) - The fibreglass mat, when coated with the roofing resin, creates a hard, durable and very watertight laminate surface.

Cure It reinforcement bandage – To ensure that corners and other detailed sections of the roof are constructed in a water tight manner, apply the reinforcement bandage.

Cure It Roofing Catalyst summer/winter- Making sure that all the materials are bound together properly is important, otherwise the roof may not offer the same high perfomance.

Cure It Roofing Grey Topcoat- Ensure that your roof looks attractive and blends in with its surrounding features with the grey topcoat.

Cure It Roofing Resin- The roofing resin is an integral part of the structure. Without it, the roof would not be able to withstand thermal contractions and expansions.

Once installed to specification, a GRP Cure It roof will be able to withstand any reasonable foot traffic.  Cure It also supply a 600g/m2 version, which has an even higher resistance to foot traffic and can be used as flooring for public walkways and balconies.

It is also important to note that the Cure It GRP roof has been manufactured to be fireproof up to BS476-3 Ext.F.AB standard. This means that there is no limit on its usage. And materials are supplied with a 20 year guarantee. 

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