Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar

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Product code: AKXEBC
Product Information: 
  • Ideal for hardwood or steel rafters or frames
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Concealed fixings
  • Protected Gaskets
  • All aluminium components
  • Class leading aesthetics
  • Installer friendly
  • Reduced installation time
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium
  • No plastic connectors or endcaps
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
0333 700 1111


Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar

Our experience, here at JJ Roofing, has given us the insight to be able to supply only the highest quality products. This is why we are happy to be able to supply you with the Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar. It’s ahead of the competition when it comes to products in this category, and its exceptional performance characteristics really set it apart.

Every professional contractor that has been a part of a roofing project that uses glass or polycarbonate glazing panels knows the issues that the drip trims can cause. They can suffer from all sorts of issues that cause their effectiveness to collapse, and they end up becoming less than useful.

The inferior plastic alternatives to the Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar, which is made of aluminium, can suffer from a number of debilitating side effects from constant exposure to challenging weather and changes in temperature.

Problems such as the profile warping out of shape, chronic and unsightly discolouration, and cracking or perishing are all common among plastic variations of endstop bars. These effects can lead to the bar falling off and exposing the glazing panels and underlying structure to the elements.

The high-grade aluminium construction of the Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar eliminates these problems. This product can weather the storm and survive comfortably through even the most challenging weather conditions.

It is an exceptionally flexible product, and it used in many different applications, such as:

  • Hardwood Orangeries or Conservatories
  • Commercial Canopies
  • Covered Decking Areas
  • Carports
  • Bike Shelters
  • Bus Stop Shelters
  • Verandas
  • Covered walkways
  • Swimming pools

JJ Roofing has come across areas that are in need of this superior product just being left to change. This is never a good idea, as it can lead to serious damage to the glazing panels, which will ultimately lead to them needing to be replaced. If you want your work to stand out, make sure you use the Clear Amber ALUKAP-XR Endstop Bar over any other. Don’t leave it to chance, give your work a professional and dependable finish.

The design is specifically engineered to give the installer the most convenience during the installation process. This will help to save time so you can improve your overall time efficiency. The combination of class leading aesthetics, all-aluminium construction, and hidden fixings makes this the only endstop bar you need to consider for any plastic roof sheeting or traditional roofing project.