Icopal Chestnut Brown Classic Round Felt Shingle

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Icopal Coal Black Classic Round Felt Shingle

Bitumenous roof shingles feature a reinforced, heavyweight glass fibre base, coated with oxidised bitumen, and an upper surface coated with coloured mineral granules. This attractive and durable finish is highly weather resistant and UV resistant. For roofs with a pitch of between 15° and 45°,  shingles are applied directly onto shingle underlay; for steeper roofs, application is directly onto the roofing structure. 

The lightweight shingles are supplied in strip form and are designed to be easily installed by mechanical fixing, with a good overlap allowance providing maximum waterproofing performance, while retaining the shingles’ attractive finish. Each strip features a unique ‘tab and groove’ location system to aid installation and help achieve a perfect roof.
Offering choice and design versatility,  roof shingles are available in square butt, round and hexagonal profiles, and in four popular of colours – red, mossy green, coal black and chestnut brown.
  • Classic round profile shingles with three tabs.
  • Pack Quantity 3m2
  • 3.5mm minimum thickness
  • 7.5 cover strips per m²