Castle Composites Checkerplate Promenade Slab 300x300x20mm

Castle Composites
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Castle Composites Checkerplate Promenade Slab 300x300x20mm

The Castle Checkerplate finish has been available for some years now and is chosen throughout the flat roofing industry when a durable, practical and high slip resistance surface is required

300 x 300 x 20mm

The 20mm thick 300 x 300mm Promenade Slabs have been specially designed to be used with Paving Support Pads. They can of course still be fixed direct to the roof surface with PU Adhesive but using the Paving Support Pads allows them to be used in any situation where direct contact with the waterproofing membrane is to be avoided, such as with some of the single ply membrane manufacturers.

This system also gives the freedom of being able to remove the tiles for inspection, services, repairs and many other reasons for wishing to remove the tiles during their lifetime. The tiles are tested internally and externally and average breaking loads of 300 kg are achieved.

Promenade tiles are not suitable with all EPDM systems. Please check with your manufacturer to see if your guarantee is affected.

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