BMI Redland Fenland Pantile 5121

BMI Redland
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BMI Redland Fenland Pantile 5121

The BMI Redland Fenland offers the classic single roll pantile shape in a modern interlocking concrete format. This is a robust choice that will guarantee a weather tight performance in any and all conditions.

The BMI Redland Fenland pantile is a natural successor to the single clay tiles that characterise large parts of East Anglia and the South East. Available in a wide range of subtle through colours and pigmented acrylic finishes, the BMI Redland Fenland is a classic choice for a reason.

BMI Redland has been an innovator since its operations first began in 1919. You can rest assured that each BMI Redland product has been rigorously tested before having been made available for the general public. The testing process involves placing the tiles in a Group wind tunnel where high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tiles’ resistance and ensure maximum weather tightness.

BMI Redland was actually the company that opened the first dedicated wind tunnel for testing roofing products back in 1965. A more sophisticated modern version was constructed in 1990. The BMI Redland Fenland pantile meets all of the requirements of the BS5534 – the British Standard for Slating and Tiling.

You will have a choice of 7 attractive colours when you pick the BMI Redland Fenland pantile for your project. These are Slate Grey, Terracotta, Tudor Brown, Farmhouse Red, Breckland Brown, Breckland Black, and Black. Whichever option you end up choosing, you can sit back and relax knowing that your roof will be visually striking and built to last by a trusted provider.





381 x 227 mm


Minimum Pitch & Headlap

17.5 °
22.5 °

at 100 mm headlap
at 75 mm headlap

Maximum Pitch

90 °

subject to fixing specification

Maximum Headlap

125 mm


Minimum Gauge

256 mm


Maximum Gauge

281 mm
306 mm

below 22.5 °
22.5 ° and over

Tile Thickness

24 mm


Hanging Length

362 mm


Linear Cover of 1 Tile

200 mm


Covering Capacity (Net)

17.8 tiles / m²
16.3 tiles / m²

at 281 mm gauge
at 306 mm gauge

Laid Weight

50 kg / m²
46 kg / m²

at 281 mm gauge
at 306 mm gauge

Weight per 1000 Tiles

2.91 tonnes


Weight per Pallet

1.33 tonnes


Battens Required

3.56 m / m²
3.26 m / m²

at 281 mm gauge
at 306 mm gauge

Batten Size

38 x 25 mm
50 x 25 mm

rafter centres up to 450 mm
rafter centres up to 600 mm

Nail Size

45 x 3 mm


Tiles per Pallet



Tiles per Pack



Packs per Pallet


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