Resitrix Demonstration Day

On Thursday 3rd November, Resitrix will be at our Cricklewood Branch demonstrating their single-ply flat roof waterproofing system.

Resitrix is applied with a primer to the deck, detail work is then completed using smaller strips and a heat torch as a small layer of bitumen is on the underside. When the heat is applied and the ply rolled down, a bead of bitumen protrudes from the edge, sealing the laps together and waterproofing the installation.

Resitrix will adhere to almost every substrate, excluding PVC. It is an incredibly simple product with one top side and one bottom side, a single-ply layer that can be laid in large areas or cut to small shapes for detail work.

This demonstration day is an opportunity for you to see how the product is installed, learn about how the product works and to ask any questions you might have to the technical experts.

You can see how the corner details are formed in the guide below.

Resitrix flat roof waterproofing detail

Find out how to get to our Cricklewood Branch here or respond to our Facebook event here.


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