Replacement guttering systems

Apart from the roofing tiles you use on your home, your next most important roofing item is the guttering system you have. The tiles on your roof direct the rainwater to this gutter, from where it is fed into your drainage system. Without a guttering system in place your home will be susceptible to damp.

Gutters direct rainwater away from your home, so they have to be in good working order at all times. If a section of gutter or downpipe is blocked water can overflow and run down your exterior walls, eventually causing damp.

Gutting is available in different materials including PVC, Aluminium and cast iron. The type of gutter you have on your property will depend on the type and age of property you have, although PVC is becoming more popular all the time and is used on many buildings today because of the lack of maintenance needed to the product.

PVC guttering is available in square and round profiling, with a range of connection sections and jointing sections readily available. All you have to do is plan the guttering on the front , back and side of your property and buy the sections you need to direct the water away from your home.