Maple Leaf Felt Shingles

What are they Maple Leaf Felt Shingles?

Felt Shingles are a common sight in the USA, but the trend has not made itself over the pond to the UK, as we opt to cling to our heritage using tiles and slates on our roofs.

However, felt shingles are now a popular choice for covering garden dwellings in the UK. Not only are they cheap, they are incredibly quick and easy to install, meaning you also save on labour costs.

When looking for options for the roof of your garden shed or summer house, Felt Shingles should be strongly considered as they look fantastic.

One of our most popular brands ‘Maple Leaf’ offer Felt Shingles in a variety of shapes and colours, all of which are on offer this month in 3M2 Packs.

Maple leaf felt shingle offers

The shingles have an expected life span of between 20 and 40 years, they also come with a 10 year guarantee.


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