Okay, this is Wakaflex, which is an alternative to lead. It has an aluminium mesh running through, this stuff called polyisobutylene, which basically is a stretchy plastic. The key to it is you’ve got two butyl strips, top and bottom, which help you locate the product but one of its strong benefit points is the fact that when the top surface and the underneath, you’ll see that that forms a welt straightaway and from the welt you can see how it stretches. So, I’m gonna profile the tile. It’s nice and easy to dress. So, if I just try that with this gentleman here, see if we can pull that apart, and that’s not going anywhere. So, that’s the key benefits and features to Wakaflex.

And we also have a second product, which is called the uni outlet, and the uni outlet is the equivalent to a lead slate. So, again, same principles. It’s the polyisobutylene, the aluminium mesh, with your sticky strip which locates it, centre cone from 25 ml up to 125. This stuff’s made from EPDM, which is a rubber roof system. So, it’s very easy and flexible to work with. On the inside it’s scored, so all you need to do is just make a nick in there and you can tear it round and it gives you a nice circle, even finish, but you’ve still got the movement on it which will allow for a nice snug fit to any pipe or service passing through. So, that’s the Wakaflex.

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