If you are considering building an extension to your home or you already have a balcony or roof terrace, choosing the right promenade tiles will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your balcony. Whether you want your roof terrace to become somewhere you go to relax and chill, entertain and hold dinner parties, or you love roof gardening there are numerous options for balcony flooring to choose from.

What are promenade tiles?

Promenade or balcony tiles are specially made tiles suitable for use in all weathers on flat roofs and on balconies. Creating a stylish yet functional outdoor space can be a challenge without the right material and this is the case with roof terraces too. You choose the wrong flooring material and the weather will wreak havoc on your promenade floor. Before you know it, you will be dreading going up onto your once beloved terrace, or shelling out even more money to get it right.

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Types of promenade tiles

The best balcony tiles for flat roofs come in a variety of styles and designs. Different construction materials are also used to make promenade tiles, giving the tiles the properties which make them weatherproof and durable. The following are some of the common types of promenade tiles available for you to select from:
Artificial grass tiles.
Rubber promenade tiles.
● Outdoor vinyl tiles.
● Terracotta.
Ceramic including porcelain and glass.
Glass fibre reinforced concrete tiles.
● Checkerplate promenade tiles.
Diamond cut balcony tiles.
● Woodgrain.
Porcelain stoneware.
Each type of balcony tiles offers you the flexibility to design and style your home to match your home’s interior or exterior. Selecting the best type of tile, for both looks and functionality will help you get the most out of your outside space.

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What are the benefits of balcony tiles?

Choosing tiles is one of the most cost effective balcony flooring options. Rubber promenade tiles and all the other balcony tiles types offer several benefits. We discuss some of these top benefits below:
● Give your balcony a transformation and eliminate worn and uneven floors with a simple choice of tiles.
● Make your balcony slip resistant when you choose from a range of weatherproof (protect against rain and frost wear) and waterproof promenade tiles.
● Little maintenance required for most types of balcony tiles because they are designed and created to be hard wearing.
● Promenade tiles for asphalt roofs allow you to create a visual impact to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home and adds value.
● The tiles are designed to be resilient and can withstand loads, footfall and the environment (UV, rain, frost) and so you will enjoy the use of your outdoor space for years to come.
Promenade tiles are easy to fit and cost effective making them the ideal solution for anyone with some DIY skill. There is a wide range of styles and colours on the market today so the possibilities are endless when it comes to find the balcony tiles that will suit your personal decorative taste.

Choosing the best promenade tiles for your flat roof

There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing the perfect flooring option for your balcony or promenade. Although your personal tastes and preferences are a factor, other considerations include the following:
● The style of your home.
● Colour coordination.
● Primary use of the balcony or promenade (an outside garden space will need different flooring to an entertaining area).
● Prevailing weather conditions in your area.
● Size for coverage.
● Budget and costs.

Taking all the factors above into consideration will ensure that you will select the best possible promenade tiles. Even rubber balcony tiles can be styled in such a way that they are elegant and attractive, so that they not only look amazing but are also practical too. Whether you are working on a tight budget or you have a bit of money to spend

How much do promenade or balcony tiles cost?

The costs for installing promenade tiles will vary according to a variety of factors. Firstly, the area you wish to tile will be a factor in determining the overall cost of the tiling job. Secondly, whether you decide to do the installation yourself or hire a professional will also impact the cost of a job. The cost of the tiles will depend on the style, construction material, colours among other factors. It is easy to compare balcony tile prices as most suppliers quote a per-tile price.

Typical per-tile costs for the different types of tiles are as follows:
Porcelain promenade tiles - from £4.05.
Diamond cut promenade tiles - £1.50.
Rubber promenade tiles - from £7.74
Riven effect promenade tiles - from £1.75
Whatever style you choose, you are bound to find affordable balcony tiles to give you the look and feel you are after.

Creating a stylish outdoor space with promenade tiles

By now you know what promenade or balcony tiles are, the different types and styles of balcony styles and where you can use them. Choosing the right types and style of balcony tiles will add a splash of colour to your home, while creating a space you can enjoy for years to come.
Once installation is complete, you will enjoy all the benefits of promenade tiles including:
● Long lasting, weatherproof outdoor space.
● Slip resistant specially designed surface for multiple uses.
● No maintenance required apart from regular cleaning.
● Visually stunning, relaxing atmosphere to use as you like.
To find out more about the different types of promenade tiles to choose from, browse our range today.