Everything You Need to Know about Flexim Roof Putty

This blog holds key insight into Flexim Roof Putty and all the information you need to know about the ready to use, storm proof tile adhesive.

Since its introduction in 1984, Flexim Roof Putty has gained a strong worldwide reputation after being used on over 4 million roofs as a tile adhesive. Whilst it boasts the same adhesive properties to mortar, the putty is completely non-toxic – making it an environmentally friendly mortar alternative.

Instantly Waterproof and Airtight

The composition of the putty makes it the perfect choice for any roof design, no matter how complex it may be. Flexim Roof Putty is the perfect answer to affixing and supporting tiles along roof edges and valley gutters as it is completely air and water tight.

The roof adhesive is completely damp proof even during torrential flow helping ensure no unwanted moisture finds its way into your home. Additionally, as the putty is instantly waterproof, there is no need to wait until the weather is dry to begin applying to your roof.

Ready To Use/Time Saving

Flexim Roof Putty is ready to use on new roofs, repairs and renovation projects as it’s compatible with a wide range of roofing materials and suits a range of modifications. The tile adhesive is incredibly versatile as it adheres to clay, concrete, fibre, cement and natural slate with ease.

The roof sealant is supplied in ready to use strips and reduces the amount of installation time by over a third when compared to mortar bonding systems. This helps significantly reduce costs by up to 50% for general customers, contractors and housebuilders.

Permanently Fixable

Flexim roof putty is the ideal solution for filling holes and seams between roof elements – including ridge tiles, windows and chimneys. It’s sealant properties also make it perfect for filling cracks in lead flashing, preventing the flashing from eventually sagging.

If you do face any problems with the putty, it can be easily solved by modifying the placement of the roof sealant around the specific problem. After installation, Flexim Roof Putty retains its flexibility and remains unaffected by contraction or expansion of the roof.

Storm Proof

The British Board of Agrement (BBA) successfully tested Flexim Roof Putty in 2011 to ensure that it met exact British standards. Flexim Roof Putty also safely withstands wind speeds of 110mph and above, which helped gain the USA Miami Dade certificate.

The flexibility of the product in elemental terms means the roof sealant can be used year round across most parts of the globe – as long as the temperature sits in between minus 25 and 60 degrees, the putty strips remain unaffected.


The roof sealant is much lighter than traditional mortar, helping preserve your back whilst carrying Flexim to the roof. The user friendliness of Flexim Roof Putty makes it easier, safer and faster throughout the entire construction process.

This is because Flexim Roof Putty is made from linseed oil with featherweight CPC-free polystyrene and fibrous material. A full packet of ready to use Flexim Roof Putty, containing 10 lightweight strips, only weighs a total of 9kg and can be used to cover 7 metres of roof

Choice of Colours

Flexim Roof Putty is available in a range of colours including grey, black, light brown, dark brown and red. This helps users of the tile adhesive choose a colour that blends in with the roof tiles and general house features for an aesthetically appealing finish. Alternatively, if none of the colours suit the style of your roof, the putty can be painted any colour of your choice to fit your exact wants and needs.

Tested and Certified

Flexim Roof Putty has been tested comprehensively by independent testing organisations to prove the value of the product. Adhesion and elasticity tests that include intensive weathering trials have been successfully conducted on various types of tile and slate. This proves that no matter what project is at hand, Flexim Roof Putty is more than capable of perfecting the job.

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