Deks product range now available at JJ Roofing Supplies

About Deks

We are excited to introduce Deks to our catalogue of brands. Deks established in 2003, distributes leading brands within the roofing, heating & pluming industries. Priding themselves for providing the highest quality and most efficient products possible they quickly rose to become a household name. JJ Roofing Supplies are proud to be supplying roofing range, particularly their lead alternatives and pipe flashings.

Deks products

Deks product range is vast. One product under the banner we love is the Perform Roll. Perform Rolls are a lead alternative, rolled and look similar to lead but are so much more. Made from an aluminium mesh, sunken in a special polymer type rubber there are numerous benefits compared to the traditional and raw rolled lead. Benefits include, light weight/ease of use, reduced scrap value (eliminating potential thieves), flexibility leaving no need for time consuming expansion joints and the list goes on. The quality manufacturing and design doesn’t just stop there. Dektite, Deks most popular range has been critical in driving the Deks brands success. Products like the Dektite Ezi-Seal which have a non-absobant sponge gasket sealing from compression or the unique patented zip lock system on the Dektite Retrofit, really show how Deks revolutionary designs can easily solve your issues your facing on your building site. Anyway, enough of us spouting about the benefits Deks has to offer, check them out yourself.

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