Avoid gutter ponding

Guttering is one of the most important parts of the roof structure. If the gutter is faulty or not fitted correctly, rainwater will flow down the walls of the home and damp will ensue.

Guttering blocked with moss

If the guttering is not positioned properly, ponding can lead to plant growth and blockage

If you have not fitted guttering before, it’s best left to the professionals, however, if you are going to fit it yourself, there are a few tips you can follow.

Work out your guttering run, making sure the brackets are located at a height so the rainwater will flow down the gutter into the downpipe. If the brackets are not fitted correctly, the guttering will not direct the water down the downspout and the water will ‘pond’ in the gutter. This can cause problems with damp and will significantly reduce the lifespan of the gutter components as the seals will age and rot quickly.

Make sure the brackets are no more than 80cm apart to stop sagging and the use of a string level line along the fascia to check the bracket positions so the gutter will not pond the rainwater.