Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E

BMI Icopal
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  • Traditional shed felt green mineral capsheet
  • Suitable for application with cold-applied felt adhesive, hot bitumen compound, or galvanised clout nails.
  • Glass fibre reinforced
  • Roll length 10m
  • Roll width 1m

Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E

Traditionally referred to as a ‘BS747 felt’, the Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E now falls under the BS 8747:2007 – Reinforced Bitumen Membranes (RBM’s) for Roofing. This change in classification does not, however, detract from the outstanding quality of this market-leading product. This incredible roofing felt option is a fantastic economic roofing solution that will provide you with a world-class finish. If green mineral felt is the product you're after, you'll find it here at JJ Roofing!

To start with, this cost-effective capsheet is ideal for temporary portable buildings with pitched roofs that require a waterproof covering. This makes the Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E the perfect choice for buildings such as garden sheds, stables, and kennels as well as other uninhabited structures. Every one of these products consists of a glass fibre base and is coated in oxidised bitumen for maximum durability while still remaining as lightweight as possible.

Impressive performance sits at the heart of the Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E. For instance, it features an incredible low temperature flexibility of 0oC and a tensile strength of 460N/mm2 ± 35% (Machine Direction) or 280N/mm2 ± 35% (Transverse Direction). These green mineral felt products are compatible with most building materials except for Hydrocarbon and/ or solvent-based products. Such products include, but are not limited to, Naphtha, paraffin, creosote and white spirits.

As a result, these products should never be used in conjunction with the any of the above and should always be stored well away from these materials. That being said, this green mineral felt is the perfect choice for a wide range of project requirements.

The Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E is ideally suited for use with a built-up roofing system. The application method couldn’t be easier. For starters, the product can be applied directly into the hot bitumen using the pour and roll technique. Alternatively, the cold-applied method involves using bitumen felt adhesive. Finally, the green mineral felt can be attached using galvanised clout nails. Regardless of the method of application, the result should provide many years of reliable service.

This cost-efficient cap sheet is available in 10m rolls which are delivered in durable heat shrink bags. The Icopal Anderson Green Mineral Felt 1E is finished on the underside with sand and on the upper surface with green mineral granules. 

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