Marley Acme Double Camber Plain Tile

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The Acme Double Camber Plain Tile by Marley is a visually appealing machine made roof tile that provides both texture and shade while maintaining a striking appearance.

Known for its longitudinal and latitudinal camber, the unique double curve of this Marley tile gives the designer an opportunity to create highly textured roofscapes with accentuated light and shade. Marley is currently the only manufacturer in the United Kingdom that offers a clay double camber plain tile. This means that your home will be truly unique when you choose to go with the Acme Double Camber Plain Tile.

These tiles are known for their strength and durability having been manufactured from the highest quality Etruria Marl – a special red clay from the Midlands. The Acme Double Camber Plain Tile is the ideal choice for creative roof design due to its small unit sizes, the wide range of available fittings, and environmental characteristics that are second to none.

The Acme Double Camber Plain Tile by Marley comes in four different colour options – Antique, Burnt Flame, Dark Brindle, and Smooth Brindle. The colours are strong, distinctive, and guaranteed to add character to your home while also offering lasting beauty that will only improve with each passing season.

Size of Tile

265 mm x 165 mm

Minimum Pitch


Maximum Pitch


Minimum Headlap

65 mm (roof)

37.5 mm (vertical)

Maximum Gauge

100 mm (roof)

115 mm (vertical)

Cover Width

165 mm (nominal)

Covering Capacity (Net)

60 Tiles/m²  at 100 mm gauge (roof)

53 Tiles/m²  at 115 mm gauge (vertical)

Weight of Tiling (Approximate)

64kg/m² (0.63kN/m²) at 100 mm gauge (roof)

56kg/m² (0.55kN/m²) at 115 mm gauge (vertical)

Battens Required (Net)

10.0 lin.m/m² at 100 mm gauge (roof)

8.7 lin.m/m² at 115 mm gauge (vertical)

Batten Size Recommended (Fixed to BS 5534)

38 x 25 mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600 mm centres

Tile Nails

38 mm x 2.65 mm

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